Iron Patriot Armor Reportedly Not In ‘Iron Man 3′

With Iron Man 3 now in principal photography, we’ve been receiving sporadic updates from the set through insider reports and set photos from spies that are willing to snap some of the juiciest tidbits. One of the biggest pieces to come out recently on the set were photos taken that had many saying the Iron Patriot armor would be in the upcoming film, and that James Badge Dale was the blurry man within the suit. Now, however, it seems neither of those facts are true as the armor isn’t in the hands of the enemy but rather someone closer to home than originally imagined. Furthermore, some new set photos have hit the net and if they’re any indication, there’s a chance that a future villain could end up being created.

Latino-Review reports that despite the set photos, someone on location has told the site that we are not seeing the Iron Patriot armor in the images that have leaked. Surrounded by military men, it turns out that the armor is actually a newly painted version of the War Machine armor. While the man shown with the suit is obviously not Don Cheadle, the article says that it is in fact a stunt man who stepped in so that Cheadle would not require to be on set that day.

This means that the armor is not that of Coldblood’s, which is said to be the codename for Badge Dale’s soldier-like villain. There’s no guarantee the armor won’t be called the “Iron Patriot armor”, but for now it is simply a new look for the War Machine that was simply a shiny metallic gray in the last film.

Interestingly enough, however, LR says that ”the scene they were shooting at the airport in North Carolina involves the Vice President and a flight to China.” This intel seems to tie into previous rumors about Andy Lau’s character as a Chinese scientist who is an old friend of Tony Stark’s and is reached out to when Stark needs help. That report also claimed that the film would feature Iron Man flying over some key Chinese landmarks such as The Great Wall of China, and with production set to go overseas later this year there has so far been no debunking on the story.

Meanwhile, a poster on OLV says that video game developer Epic Games will play a part in Iron Man 3 as the building for the company behind Gears of War will serve as a set piece for the upcoming sequel. Set photos (below) show that headquarters has been transformed into a lab called “Advanced Idea Mechanics”, better known in Marvel comics as A.I.M. Originally in the source material, A.I.M. actually creates the Cosmic Cube (best known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as “The Tesseract”) and uses the technology to transform technician George Tarleton into a super intelligent being known as Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing or MODOC.

MODOC, however, soon kills the people who created his intelligence and renames himself Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing or MODOK. As a supervillain, MODOK has been around in the Marvel world for 45 years, and has faced Iron Man, The Hulk, Ms. Marvel, the X-Men, The Avengers, Sub-Mariner, and many more. His first villainous encounter, however, is with Captain America as the hero seeks to rescue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter from MODOK.

In the past, Captain America 2 screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely had said they would love to have MODOK as the villain of the sequel preferrably played by Peter Dinklage. With a sequel on the way, and the lab obviously to be introduced in the upcoming Iron Man 3, could this be the start of MODOK as a villain for Captain America 2?

Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 is currently set for release on May 3rd, 2013.

(via CBM & RMN): via Durance Magazine

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