First Poster for ‘Taken 2′ Has Liam Neeson Waiting For Trouble To Find Him

In just a few short months, Liam Neeson will be back in the role that became a pop culture phenomenon as he kicks some more ass in Taken 2. While we’ve seen a few stills, the film ultimately remains a mystery as we have yet to see even a first trailer for the upcoming film. With plenty of action opportunities coming out, it seems 20th Century Fox may be ready to unveil the first footage sometime in the next week especially with their supernatural adaptation Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in theaters this Friday. Now, it seems we can add more evidence that we’ll be seeing the first video very soon as the studio has released the first poster for the upcoming thriller.

Set a year after the events of the first film, Neeson’s character of Bryan Mills finds himself working for a sheik in Istanbul. When Neeson’s ex-wife Lennie (Famke Janssen) is having “a hard time” with her own husband, Bryan invites she and his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) out to Istanbul to see the city.

It’s there where the Albanian relatives of the men Bryan killed in the first film on his vengeance trip to save his daughter kidnap both Bryan and Lennie, leaving the tables turned this time around, and forcing Kim to save both of her parents. Bryan is brought to the Alabanian village where the boys grew up, and is set to be tortured for his actions, while Kim has taken her own experience to better learn self-defense and likely make her a formidable foe in order to get her parents back. However, it’s been said that Kim won’t exactly be the prime focus of the sequel, so it’s unclear as to just how the film will play this role reversal.

Directed by Oliver Megaton, newcomers include Rade Sherbedgia who will play the central villain and father to a slain kidnapper from the first feature, while Luke Grimes will also be coming onboard in an undetermined role.

Taken 2 hits theaters on October 5th.

Click on the poster for a larger look (via Empire):

via Durance Magazine

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