straw dogs, reviewed, briefly

apparently this film didn’t get any critical acclaim, if rotten tomatoes says so.

it’s the remake of a novel adaptation, 1971 film by Sam Peckinpah; and while i’m usually (though recently) against the multitude of recycled scripts going around Hollywood these days, i have to say i don’t see anything bad with this one.

critical reception mostly thumbed down rod lurie’s flick because it took too much after the first film and focused too much on the violence. well i have to say that this is, for me, the best part about the movie. not at all following the line and details of the novel (The Siege of Trencher’s Farm, 1969, from british author Gordon M. Williams).

that is, if it was actually intended, but we’ll never know this will we?

violence there is, and lots of it, well splashed and splurged blood covers the main cast in just the right places, just at the right time all orchestrated by an attentive directing

the young cast delivers good performances, slight exception for Kate Bosworth who’s lack of substantial expression during the siege takes away some of the pathos when James Marsden is not in ther room. His performance is pristine, like nothing we’ve seen before, and almost scary.

other hunk of the situation is prodigal son Alexander Skarsgård, who could have been better but just when you’re starting to doubt him he takes off some item of clothing and everything is ok. this is of course a True Blood fanatic talking, but i suppose he was chosen for this southern redneck character exactly because of the Louisiana based HBO success. the feeling is that he still has way to go on the big screen before he’s taken seriously, but he’s definitely going in the right direction. the rape scene is particularly intense, very well played.

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