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ho deciso di pubblicare la mia tesi

what i think:

John Wick: Capitolo 2


Codice 999


Steve Jobs

The Big Short (La Grande Scommessa)

Jessica Jones x

Crimson Peak


Lucy, Recensione Confusionaria

The Third Person, una recensione in prima persona

The Leftovers e Left Behind, cinema e TV temono l’apocalisse, ma uno dei due scompare al confronto.

I Guardiani della Galassia, a review by me ITa

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints: Love in times of cruel southern reality

Sunday blog: depressione e opportunità

Continuo ad elaborare su-tra cinema, mente, visione, horror: parte seconda

Her, Antiviral: compare and think A.I., these days (it’s 2014) making movies about sentient computers has become the new body horror?

Oscar 2014, elucubrazioni sconnesse tra la visione di American Hustle e Wolf of Wall Street. Academy considerations parte prima.

Dallas Buyers Club, felt and thought, review

Prisoners, snow cold anxiety and very good actors.

12 Years a Slave, A Reviewable Collection of Thoughts

Thor: The Dark World, a review that is not a review

Currently Watched: Much Ado About Nothing, Elysium, Insidious Chapter 2

Spring Breakers, or how Harmony Korine got ex-Disney people doing drugs, booze and armed robbery

Hannibal, a chilling ‘Apéritif’

Swampy Briefs: The Paperboy, Reviewed

Oscar Briefs: Anna Karenina, a convoluted recount of a very enjoyable flick

The Americans, pros and cons of the new FX child

chiarezza cinematografica relativamente

Sunday movies briefs: Silver Linings Playbook

Pocket size reviews: Django, the D is silent but i’m not

film i watch, pocket size reviews: Flight

film i watch, pocket size reviews: The Good Shepherd

post cinema apocalypse horror, horror today

Girl Walks Into a Bar..

The Amazing Spiderman or bits of what i thought of it

a review in stills, The Jacket

Prometheus, some things you learn watching aliens

Sunday Horrors revised

Snow White and the Huntsman, a review quasi full of spoilers

The Bourne Legacy Full Trailer

The Touch our conscience needed, Touch season finale

Joaquin looks kind of normal again in first ‘The Master’ Trailer

House, finito!

Grey’s Anatomy, da medical drama a soap/disaster movie

Season Finales disappointment: Fringe, The Mentalist

battleship fresco di pressa, critichiamolo và

the cabin in the woods, fresh from viewing

b to z horror is what i love

texas killing fields, or how box offices overlooks thepotential of a great cast (reviews)

all the thrill is just Gone

anteprima: my week with marilyn

divagazioni televisive: alcatraz

my week with marilyn, la recensione, o una recensione

looong weekend at the movies, part 1: Puncture

oscar nominees: hugo cabaret

between the devil and the deep blue sea

and so some academy nominees: the descendants, moneyball, some thoughts

haywire, the legacy of bourne, bond and a good old fashion fight

i film della domenica, gosling, clooney, olsen

i’m watching Fringe, no wait, it’s Alcatraz

shame in.. qualche parola

i saw a movie, heard a film, touched a screen..

catching up on holiday films: like half-caff, like a subtle headache, like a thrill

about Margin Call?

Seria disquisizione sulla serialità televisiva

manca poco, facciamo un recap? Twilight!

Tre moschettieri, o due palle?

Contagion – Attenzione! questa non è una recensione

Falling Skies, dopo anni Noah Wyle ancora acchiappa

Hawaii Five-0 la migliore, NCIS segue, The Good Wife è perfetta e gli altri finali

Scream 4 è bellissimo: un saggio di semantica e semiotica del film

A movie within a movie, within a movie, within a movie..: Scream 4, dai primi minuti.

perchè c’è profumo di New Orleans

Insidious (più che altro fastidious)

London Boulevard, Farrell e Knightley nel ganster posh sulle rive del Tamigi criminale

Limitless ha, in realtà, moltissimi limiti

Unknown – Senza identità (e… senza voto)

The Adjustment Bureau, the fedora dream


Il cinematografo dell’orrore domenicale

The Killer Inside Me

Oh it’s fincher alright! (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo reviewd but mostly criticized)

best flicks of 2011 according to me myself

Logan v/s Alex Krycek on Supernatural fist fight, guest starring done right again

sunday at the movie-couch: the awakening, war horse

midseason just started, thank the tv gods (possible spoilers!)

the screen fanatic weekly, everyone is a publisher, including me

oscar nominees: hugo cabaret

ghosts, werewolves, babies and vampires: BBC’s Being Human is back with season 4

and so some academy nominees: the descendants, moneyball, some thoughts

alcatraz, the impossibly hard door to open aka the impossibly hard show to watch, season finale recap

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