all the thrill is just Gone

Gone, 2012

supposed thriller starring ever beautiful Amanda Seyfried really gives its audience no thrill at all, not even a little shake, nor gasp. Gone is all too predictable, shallow in matters of story and performance/s. even Seyfried, who usually brightens up anything she’s putting her acting in, hits low and puts almost nothing into the performance besides her pretty looks and locks.
poor thing the material she had to work with wasn’t really helping, nor the co-stars, if you want to call them so: the only notable presence in the lineup is Jennifer Carpenter, who has but one scene and a few lines (if that). former L-word girl gone bad Katherine Moennig really actually stays quite bad in here, but with the acting and all.
who else? nothing of relevance comes to mind.

about the story: girl thinks her sister has been kidnapped, no less by the same man who tried previously to kill her, supposed serial killer. police doesn’t believe her, everybody thinks she’s crazy, che has to go find sister alone, bla bla.

i wish i could say Gone was at least a good hour-and-half passtime, but it was almost painful to watch.

best thing remains the poster.

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