The Touch our conscience needed, Touch season finale

This is not a recap, this is not a review, there’s probably going to be spoilers and touchy-feely sappy commonplaces. It’s going to be way too personal and not technical at all.

When i started watching this new show it was because of Kiefer Sutherland’s come-back after years doing 24. I was curious of such a radical change in the show type and my first impressions as a veteran cynic were not very good. Yes, i appreciated the technical aspects, but Touch seemed just too sweet for me, too melodramatic, too clichèd in the sappy stories and introductions by mute Jake.

So i stopped watching after a few episodes, until the day came that i found myself with nothing else to see and i decided to retry, out of boredom.. or maybe as they say in the show it was meant to be.

Don’t get me wrong,  i still loathe the drama and the outing of feelings, the love, the caring. i just do not have the sweet tooth when it comes to, well, pretty much anything. i like it rough on tv and film, i like blood and evil and good fights and i like horror: Touch to me is like a candy that i just can’t swallow.

Maybe that’s why the season finale gave me the chills and the shivers down my spine: could be diabetes, could be that in its overwhelming struggle to look a ‘good‘ that approaches the definition of holy (good intentions, good vibes, good feelings, good triumphs in the end) Touch had everything already planned: make life seem sweet for a few closing scenes, with everything is gonna be alright playing as the whole world comes together thanks to a child, believers and technology.

So for a moment the no-coincidences in life, in which i do believe, seem like they don’t always have to be bad.

I still haven’t figured out if i like the show or hate it for making me feel gooey inside, but it seems like they have a point, because while i was writing this my sister came into my room and gave me a bag of jelly beans, which are almost impossible to find here where i live.

The End.

Probably in a few minutes or even seconds something bad is going to happen, this is my philosophy of life, which i forgot half an hour ago watching touch: so for that split second i was moved, i was close to happy and now i can go back to normal, but knowing that Touch did something close to great and not just to me.

The End part two: sorry readers, i’ll be back to my usual horrific self after lunch!

peace out


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