The film industry is not fair, Release Dates on Summer Movies

Prometheus Italy 19 October, rest of the world 30-31 May, 1-2 June

The Dark Knight Rises Italy 29 August, USA 20 July

The Bourne Legacy Italy 21 Sept, USA 3 August, UK 13 August

Snow White and the Huntsman Italy 11 July, UK 30 May, USA 1 June

Savages Italy 19 Oct, USA 6 July

Red Lights USA 13 July, Italy n/a

The Apparition USA 24 August, Italy n/a

The Possession USA 31 August, Italy n/a

Gangster Squad USA 7 Sept, Italy 9 November

House at the End of the Street USA 21 Sept, Italy n/a

Killing them softly USA 21 Sept, Italy n/a

Taken 2, Argo, The Master USA in October, Italy n/a

While waiting click on active links for the trailers!


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