‘The Possession’ trailer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan back to demonic roots

Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows a thing or two about the horror genre. For starters, he was deeply involved in a fictional series that dealt with demons and weekly cases when he played the role of John Winchester in Supernatural. While the actor would like to return as the character, no such opportunity has presented itself just yet. But, it seems Morgan will be getting his fix on the big screen later this year as he leads an impressive cast in The Possession. The first trailer has come online, and suprisingly enough it could be the horror hit of the year.

There’s something about The Possession that feels incredibly fresh. Director Ole Bornedal has some amazing shots that actually keeps the story interesting, with a cast that can truly hold the plot well. Young actress Madison Davenport looks phenomenal as the possessed victim of the film, and some of the shots of the trailer are just amazing. While it seems like a good deal of the trailer will take place near the final act of the movie, it’s still a refreshing take by tackling a religion not really seen in horror films, while also feeling like a horror outing that feels more like the classic era of the genre rather than the incredibly sloppy modern slate that has plagued audiences for the past two decades.

Is there a chance the film may not be what it seems? Absolutely. The odd final week of summer release date also doesn’t bode too well for the film’s confidence. But, if films like The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity have taught us, there is an audience for these type of films and it could be a big surprise, especially with producer Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spider-Man) onboard.

Divorced parents (Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick) must work together to save their young daughter (Davenport) from a malevolent entity.

The Possession opens on August 31st.

via Trailer for ‘The Possession’ with Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Durance Magazine.

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