The Bourne Legacy Full Trailer

The teaser has been around for a few weeks, even months. Now the full trailer for the fourth installment of the Bourne saga has been graciously broadcasted by iTunes.

In reality what was a saga before with the Matt Damon films is now a James Bond-like franchise.. or a mixture of both: same Treadstone super secret program, different agent.

Let’s watch, do let’s.

Now some considerations:

Let me just say, we don’t like him any less than Bourne, but the again wa always likes Jeremy Renner. This is, for me, a classic case of the ‘i liked it before it was cool’, back from his tv appearance in Buffy Spin-off Angel to the full support for the Oscar winner film The Hurt Locker, his first main role for which he got his first Academy nomination. Second film The Town got him a second nomination: do we see a trend here? We sure do.

Now not only has he proven he can act, but he also  does action very well with The Avengers and Mission Impossible (and, no, acting and doing action are not always the same thing).

Cast includes Joan Allen, Albert Finney, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach, Oscar Isaac, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn. Directed by Tony Gilroy, the man who wrote the screenplays of the first three Bourne movies.

Source iTunes, Badtaste


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