Girl Walks Into a Bar..

and the joke is on Hollywood big productions, because this eighty-minute film produced exclusively for internet distribution is one of the few films in a while that’s worth talking about. Directed by Sebastián Gutiérrez stars an ensemble cast of the utmost respect: an ever beautiful Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Zachary Quinto, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Robert Forster, Danny DeVito, Josh Hartnett, Alexis Bledel and Amber Valletta.

Set one night in Los Angeles the story follows apparent strangers whose lives interlock through the city bars.

Definitely a must watch.

Girl Walks Into a Bar premiered at The ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas on March 7, 2011, in Los Angeles and screened as an official selection of the Spotlight Premieres section at the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival 2011 in Austin.The film is currently available in the United States to watch for free exclusively on YouTube with sponsorship from Lexus. (wiki)

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