The Amazing Spiderman or bits of what i thought of it.

I would like to start by stating that I have no intention or interest in arguing the mythology of the comic, this is strictly film and film only.

(though come on, a well-known redhead – naturally blonde but who knew – for the role of Gwen and a natural blonde dyed red for Mary Jane is funny)

On with the blockbuster at hand.

It’s not that I didn’t like it per say, I am probably (very likely certainly) weary and annoyed by fast food reboots and the general lack of new ideas there in Tinseltown.

Some good director Marc Webb did, toying with cellphones and inserting some humor here and there.

Things I did not like, shortlist:

Sappy-ness, but that’s Peter Parker for you I guess.

Andrew Garfield, don’t like him, can’t cry, can’t act surprised, strains facial muscles to make the boy/superhero look and sound realistic but I don’t buy his acting at all (the one exception being Never Let Me Go).

Emma Stone, too simplistically funny, her performance in this Spiderman is below average considering her known range.

Martin Sheen: just too credible for a fantasy/comics blockbuster.
All in all the casting was awful. Not sure about Rhys Ifans, who’s clearly scarier than his Lizard CGI-ed self.

Speaking about special effects: good, kind of, cannot compare when The Avengers and Batman are out the same year. Plus a clear and definitive no to slow motion, no.

All in all the development of the same ol’ story was plain, not bad but not amazing either.
The overload of sugar-coating doesn’t help, neither do the tiny faults along the line of ‘making it real’ vibe you know they wanted. (see Emma Stone and her gingerly Gwen; avoiding spoilers here, but check the end).

Also, the soundtrack though good in general was oddly positioned sometimes, resulting in a tremendous lack of pathos in scenes that might require it. Again, it could be that ‘making-it-real’ thing. But with all these could-bes and ‘not bad but’ i’m confused and confused does not a favorable movie goer’s response make.

I may be biased, i’m not impressed and certainly not looking forward to the second installment.

One positive note: the picture below is from the very best scene in the whole movie and, in general, Parker/Spiderman seems to be at his best when he’s in this position (not kidding, seriously), here even Garfield seems to convey the true nature of the character and the premised real life touch. it is probably because abandon and feeling like giving up are very common human emotions, ones i and most people can relate to easily, ones that Andrew Garfield should probably stick to when chosing movies to make: indie is the way to go for you pal, trust us.

Disclaimer: this is my and mine only harsh opinion on the movie, no offenses intended!

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