Hannibal, a chilling ‘Apéritif’

Visually stunning, chilly, vomit-inducing if you just ate lunch, nauseatingly beautiful, OCD-istically deranged, classy in a very creepy way: this spring’s a battle of the creeps with Bates Motel has begun.

But violent, bloody, scary, not everyone’s cup of tea.

New Nbc series premiered on April 4 and it was a killer, forgive the pun, one can only try and recover from all the beautiful horror brought by Pushing Daisies producer Bryan Fuller and directed by David Slade, he who tried his had at a Twilight movie but will always be remembered for the chills he gave with hard-to-swallow Hard Candy. That time it was, putting it bluntly, balls. This time it’s whole bodies with the telling of cannibal serial killer Hannibal Lecter’s beginning. Mads Mikkelsen is the killer, Hugh Dancy a sweetie profiler with more than one issue and a lot in common with the deranged psychiatrist.



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