i’m watching Fringe, no wait, it’s Alcatraz

after live-twitting my frustration at this new series i feel compelled to review it extensively here. because it’s too much.

Alcatraz, a Bad Robot Productions child.. have i heard this name before? yes, J.J. Abrams company responsible for Lost and Fringe (to mention a few). there’s only one problem: despite all the hatred i’ve always felt towards Lost, Fringe was, and could still be, a good product; it was different, it wasn’t an extension of the then soon-to-be-over Lost and, despite the pilot episode with the crashing plane, it has developed into a full-fledged indipendent and original series.

all of this cannot be said about Alcatraz, which is a bad copy of Fringe itself.

the premises are the same, the main cast looks scaringly familiar not taking into account that “Hugo” really isn’t the good looking fella Joshua Jackson is. there’s a pretty unknown blonde, some old weird guy who’s also very ambiguous, which is probably because they had finished the John Nobles and the Leonard Nemoys, so they had to charge Sam Neil with both sides of the crazy medal.

moreover actor Jason Thomas Butler Harner was present in both series’ premieres, the scary looking guy alright, and he’s a regular now, talk about climbing the social creepy-guy ladder. along is a scary longlist of usual faces of the evil typecasts, poor actors being labelled and used like this.

and who’d have thought they’d have a Massive Dinamic-looking version of a rebuilt prison to put they inmates they catch? huh, not me no.

one good thing about this show is the cinematography. wait, that’s because it’s the exact very completely same as Fringe’s, down to every little directorial trick, lighting, editing, plot development, shooting style and color.

i’m sure i forgot something, what with ALL this similarities.

the only thing missing is the hovering titles, thank god.

maybe it’s all done on purpose, an alternate universe among us just like the ones in Fringe? or maybe J.J. Abrams needs to take a break.

yours sincerely, on behalf of all Fringe fans

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