Pocket size reviews: Django, the D is silent but i’m not

So Tarantino.. Back story: I was a huge fan up until The Basterds, i admit i found that one too self-referential, too Tarantino-ish in a way that instead of being subtle and good was blatant, intrusive (story-wise) and borderline comic.

Then again I’ve been made aware by hardcore fans that it was Tarantino’s style. Than didn’t change my mind and for how good the movie was, i still think that certain scenes and dialogues bug me a little. Some example for the FYI column: Brad Pitt’s speeches, Mike Myers? too unreal for a supposed portraying of quasi-real events?

I still don’t know if i love it or hate it, not fully.

But Django, oh Django is magnificent.

There is just the right amount of that Tarantino Style that anyone, without a doubt, will recognize in centuries to come. This time the references to his own work are few, well placed amidst the gore and the shoot-out that reminds of the first Kill Bill. There is the fake blood, the gore, the sweat, torture and the occasional (once really) genitalia exposure. Django Unchained has all the trademarks but conquers with new and innovative.

First off the homage to our (me being italian and all) Spaghetti Western, throughout the film, constantly but not redundantly making itself visible, the one to early silent westerns, there but a bit more between the lines. There’s reservoiuìr Dogs and there’s lots of spurting blood just like Uma liked.

All the cast members require some sort of reward, recognition, Oscars like it’s raining: Christoph Waltz’s hilarious german bounty hunter, Django himself beyond description, DiCaprio shines like a southern light with the accent and the evilness just pitch perfect. Samuel L. Jackson makes for a great villain and even greater comic relief, which serves just right.

The soundtrack is mind-blowing, listen here of course.

A Western/Spaghetti Western/Western/Pulp/Historical drama-comedy: spectacular.


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