catching up on holiday films: like half-caff, like a subtle headache, like a thrill

sunday films even if it’s not sunday

some keep you up and steady glued on the screen, no moving from the chair, some make you want to scream and run as far and fast away from the screen as possibile, not to see no to hear.

first group includes the second installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchiese, no doubt. A Game of Shadows is probably even better than the first movie (which is, usally, odd). the first and foremost reason, besides the flawless cast performaces, is the lack of the very popular third dimention: we had enogh of it, we surely didn’t need it and the film(s) are definitely better off without – hear the sound of me trembling in fear of disappointment for the 3d Avengers movie coming up next year.

not much more needs to be said about RDjr, jude law, stephen fry (yes!) as Sherlock’s brother, Noomi Rapace (yes!) and Moriarty (impeccable Jared Harris, recently the bad guy in Fringe), and ittle chubby Gladstone, central to the story development whether you like it or not!

just to avoid spoilers i’ll stop here, almost, just give me time to point out that the final confrontation between holmes and moriarty is pure cinematic perfection!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

i have no intention of checking on Tom Cruise’s age, that would only make me feel way too old, but in this fourth mission impossible we can definitely see that no matter the years on his back, he still got it.

a smash at the box office, this imax shot action is mesmerizing and thrilling.

add a personal favourite like Jeremy Renner and his impossibly cool, funny, charming, action-hero onscreen presence and boom! a pinch or more of humor, loads of very well constructed action (visually and technically) and i’m saying it again, Tom Cruise: end result is a film worth watching and very entertainig.

on a very different, dissonant note we have The Darkest Hour and Retreat.

let’s start with the second one: BORING! Cillian Murphy’s usual talent and charme do absolutely nothing at all to bring this film to some sort of life. supposedly a thriler, only thrill you get is that of time passing by, which means the end of this agony is coming soon.

as for the story? it could have been interesting, but something in the process of making this movie failed big time and no good thing one could find in it can possibly make less annoyingly plain and boring. what a shame!

The Darkest Hour

oh this is quite realistically the biggest flop in alien history, it’s so unwatchable it irks, it’s irksome (see what i did there? patrick jane just permeates my life), it’s hard to even just listen to while doing something else. just no. it’s just horrible, the story is poor and horrible, the performances are poor and horrible, the finale is poor and so sadly, horribly predictable it’s beyond clichè.

and with this evil i leave you, it’s been good to write somethig after a long while of posting scraps ;)

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