i saw a movie, heard a film, touched a screen..

i’m talking about a small, little, critically half rotten and insignificant indie film starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, directed by british David Mackenzie: Perfect Sense.

a sappy yet wonderful and brilliant new way of making apocalyptic flicks.

the tagline is: an epidemiologist and a chef fall in love in the spread of an unknown disease that deprives people of sensory perceptions.

and this film is so much more than this, yet very simply this exactly.

shot in a very realistically and it deals with the subject of pandemics (a horror fancied and done over and over) in a private and kind way, making both the love story and senses protagonists.

slow paced, intimate, talked. i’m not sure if this movie wants to teach us something or not, but it achieves a goal that few have recently: it makes one feel. every time the disease take a sense away from the fictional people on the screen, the audience is overwhelmed with slow, powerful rushes of feeling, those that gut you and make you stare blankly into what you’re watching as if it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

i do suppose Mackenzie is trying to show the importance of senses and at the same time the strength of being able to go on living without them.

as silly as it sounds, Perfect Sense can’t really be described, it must be felt.

the most beautiful quote:

Overwhelmed with grief, people are hit with all that they’ve lost. Lovers they never had. All the departed friends. They think of all the people they’ve hurt. First, overwhelmed with grief, and then no sense of smell. That’s the disease. They call it Severe Olfactory Syndrome. S.O.S.

because before each loss there is a moment of extreme feeling; pain, joy, happyness, grief, anger. each is associated with a sense, each time beautifully depicted in a montage that shows us the private, the couple, the individual and the world.

“On a day like this, you can smell the sky.”

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