Currently Watched: Much Ado About Nothing, Elysium, Insidious Chapter 2

And Insidious Chapter 2, but I’m only half-through the tedium.

So there’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Much Ado About Nothing confirms that the verse part of the internet lingo Whedonverse means not only ‘universe’ but also implies in some way that Joss Whedon is God, a God, all geeks apt and crazed pupils to the verses of his television and cinematic bible.

Whedon takes Shakespeare and remakes it in a modern-day setting: done by others, but not like this, The Man has his way, his signature style and love for his actors make this feature film (that was a project long before The Avengers) a statement and a love letter for the fans, much like The Cabin in the Woods was to the horror genre.

Joss Whedon (and yes I am starting another phrase with his name because there’s no saying it enough) has an ability to steal the hearts of those who watch his shows and keep them in box, never forgetting Buffy and the Scooby Gang, the voyages of the Serenity, the pains and tribulations of Angel. One loves his characters to death and beyond. Why with every word spoken between Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof every Whedonian screams internally remembering the fate that divided Fred and Wesley; why did he have to die? why Illyria? The tears inside go on and on but they feel mighty good.

Much Ado About Nothing

Then there’s Doctor Tam and, oh joy, reunited in a movie with his captain Nathan Fillion, what the set while filming must have felt like!

Fillion himself has proven once more as a very reliable comic relief, chap can’t help himself. This time creating the funniest bits coupled with Buffy super-villain/geek/goof Tom Lenk.

Much Ado About Nothing

Clark Gregg is new to the family but he’s perfect and we love him, we do. From Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods Fran Kranz, we love you too and Reed Diamond, you might be Red John, but in this fantastic universe that is Whedonland we embrace you.

Jillian Morgese, Ashley Johnson, you two were just “Women in Restaurant” during The Avengers? Don’t fret, Joss leaves no man behind, or woman.

This one was the Good one, if the review wasn’t biased enough to understand.

Now on to that plainly bad:

Elysium, apocalyptic humanitarian sci-fi by Neill Blomkamp starring Matt Damon, serious actor and former action hero of the legendary Bourne original trilogy (and I said former, for a very tired reason and a very tiresome Matt Damon) and a stiffer than ever Jodie Foster.  And Sharlto Copley who looks and sounds excessively crazy. This film is a failure kept together by the lead’s reputation, though is transpires from the start that Damon is the first one with little faith in here. “What the hell did you do to me?” asks is character after trying on the very image-promoted exoskeleton and I’m willing to bet it is the only line acted with true sensibility, given the Oscar winner was probably thinking about – and presumably regretting – his choice to rekindle a Bourne-like figure. Matt, stick to serious flicks or just take over Kimmel for good, way better than “blockbuster” like this with no real story, no back story, no future story, devoid of all plausible/interesting motivations. Rich people are bad, good people are poor cliché is getting boring and overused, especially if you put Elysium next to the cute cute Upside Down which came out earlier this year. A hero that is actually a anti-hero who’s very selfish but also very sentimental and then very heroic and tales of meerkats and hippos? No no. Nothing in the film makes an itsy bit of sense besides an hour and a half watching things and people doing things.

No amount of shirtlessness can fix this.


Insidious is even in mid-vision doomed to be the ugly one.