ghosts, werewolves, babies and vampires: BBC’s Being Human is back with season 4

and even after a long pause for thinking and reflection i’m not quite sure what i think about it. last season’s finale was shocking to say the least, Mitchell’s death was a blow and followers wondered how the show could go on. then throughout the year we’ve heard news of both werewolves leaving the show, so no more Nina (Sinead Keenan) and, more importantly since he was in the original threesome, no more Russell Tovey’s George.

but how? this has been the question and it finally got an answer with the beginning of the much-awaited 4th series.

so Nina’s dead, killed off-screen by the vampires after giving birth to the child, a girl. George is in shock, but thank god and him Tovey decided to actually parts with the series in a visible and quite touching way.
so now there’s Annie, George, nameless baby and the vampire slayer werewolf from last season.

but there’s also a look in the future, which is actually how the first episode starts: very very unsettling black screen with the white numbering of the year some 20 years from now.

pause, i did pause the video to stare at that screenshot for a while, thinking “no, do not change all the characters like this, too easy”. just after a few minutes i realized the sheer genius of the manoeuvre.

and what is this, what is going on with the other vamp-were-ghost trio? and what happens in the future? and who’s the blonde? well this last question seems the least of our problem since she’s probably Eve – but we’re open to surprises.

so now we’re here with two ghosts, one vampire, a werewolf and a baby and waiting for the next episode.

maybe more to come on this episode..

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