between the devil and the deep blue sea

right now you should definitely chose the latter, as in british film by Terence Davies, starring Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale.

The Deep Blue Sea is an adaptation from Terence Rattigan’s play of the same name, the story of Hester Collyer, wife of a judge who gets caught up in an affair with war veteran and pilot Freddie Page, a puzzling character full of contradictions, a lover and a drunk with kind eyes.
safe to say Hiddleston’s portrayal of Freddie is a magnificent mix of unbearable emotion, anger, suffering, kindness and brutality. Rachel Weisz shines in the profound sadness of her role, lover not loved, a suicidal woman full of sorrow and strength.

the film starts with her suicide attempt as the camera slowly follows her movements across the room before plunging into her memories, her very feelings expressed by the movement of the lens that sees her for us. it stands still when she does, it looks directly into her when she staggers and it completes a beautiful full circle around the couple making love.

all in cigarette smoke and memories you are in there with her, you are longing for Freddie’s touch just as much as she does. you want to smoke and you want all your emotions to pour out of you like that same smoke does from her mouth.

most important of all, you sit watching her fall apart and find strength in suffering. and there you wonder if you’ll ever be able to do the same.

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