Snow White and the Huntsman, a review quasi full of spoilers

Of course it had to the Chris Hemsworth who kissed her alive!

Well now that this little particular has been revealed, which one? The one above written in white, highlight and discover the truth if you wish. It’s a pretty obvious one anyway.

This year’s second Snow White Hollywood try, after what seems to have been a disastrous Mirror Mirror, is actually not a bad one film. It’s entertainment, nothing too serious and the filmmakers, for once, seem to know that.

It’s funny, beautifully done in terms of plot development with only a few boring moments.

I dare say though that the most beautiful things here were the actors obviously, three talented leads for an easygoing action fantasy and no one here seems to take themselves too seriously without impairing the performances.

Some things you can notice immediately: Charlize Theron is the most beautiful and talented person on the planet, which is nothing new. Chris Hemsworth is very, very good at weilding things, be them hammers of axes he always delivers a sort of new kind of fighting style, again, one that is not too self conscious.. the audience watches the movie to enjoy themselves, so why should it be different for the actors? They honestly all look like they are having a ton of it.

Kristen Stewart.. well, she’s pretty, very much so.. Ok, she kind of seems to always have the same look on her face, that slightly disgusted hint of a grin as if she smelled something bad or was about to burp. It’s her face, it’s not her fault, she delivers very well when they make her talk interesting stuff (there’s a bit of a twilight denigration innuendo in this i know).

She has talking eyes and she knows how to act, blockbuster action flicks do not leave much space for that, it’s well-known and to this point, the very best scene is the emotional one..the poisoned apple and apparent death.

Chris Hemsworth gives a terrific ‘i’ve lost my wife and now i failed you too’ speech before – highlight to follow please –  kissing her out of the blue; it remains unclear whether we should consider this sexual or not but there are always sequels and prequels behind the corner to clear up loose ends.

All in all i like the film.

There we of course moments when my mind would jump to pale-faced, dreamy-eyed performances of twilight. or of waiting for some tree to come to the rescue, someone calling someone else my precious and a peculiar moment of my mind being able to process one only thought: ‘don’t do the twilight coming back to life, make it different, don’t do it, don’t do it’! And gladly she didn’t.

These, anyhow, are bits that make movies like this even more enjoyable.

The really bad thing about all this was that instead of popcorn i had only tea, which i love don’t get me wrong, but Snow White and the Huntsman is the kind of movie that demands juck food and beverages.


did i forget to mention the prince (who’s not even a real prince), the dwarves? Ah, there must be a reason why.

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