Spring Breakers, or how Harmony Korine got ex-Disney people doing drugs, booze and armed robbery


The review can be summed up in this post’s title, with the addition of a sidenote: i don’t want to hear the term Y’All ever again ever, there’s where James Franco got a bit too excited about his gangsta character.. that part when he has oral sex with a machine gun held to the crotch of Highschool Musical sweetie pie Vanessa Hudgens, that was totally pro-script and kind of hot too.

For crying out loud people are still talking about Miley for some molly, twerking and being naked on a wrecking ball, go watch this and tell me about it! And, by the way, I’ve just watched Miley: The Movement too, respect girl, go!

And, again, not judging, loving this new generation of shameless lolitas very much, Hollywood is not a nunnery.

The film itself is a bit slow but full of color, visually intense and technically precise, which is a compliment coming from someone (namely me) who actually cried during the scene of Michael Fassbender jogging in Shame, a cinematography that was so close to perfection that I feel comfortable saying it was, indeed, perfect.

I recommend watching, strongly, both movies mentioned while you’re at it.
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