Oscar Briefs: Anna Karenina, a convoluted recount of a very enjoyable flick

I approached this with the Russian heaviness of the book in mind and i was very pleased to see from the get go that the directing and the style (the vibe if you wanna call it crassly) made the two hours pass easily and happily. Wright’s ‘stage’ approach made understanding what was going on a bit difficult for the first few minutes, then proceeded to remove the burden of understanding names, faces, places and situations leaving focus entirely on story and characters.

Keira Knightley has the right drama in her to portray Anna, every expression on Jude Law’s face exudes character and a deep understanding of the literature counterpart. A particular praise to Aaron Johnson, completely unrecognizable from his Kick-Ass persona and very perfect in this love-struck role.

Technically Anna Karenina will have to be recognized as incomparable in production design, costumes and cinematography.

Anna Karenina 6

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