True Blood Hopeless

i will not contain my thoughts, spoilers ahead!

Oh no! Now that i was starting to like you Mr. Meloni, no! They killed Christopher Meloni, evil evil so incredibly funny Russel, we heart you anyway, so we do.

Mmh, Eric’s sibling’s batshhh crazy huh? Do we think it runs in the family? Oh Godric would be so disappointed. Speaking of, can’t wait for some more 2000 year old maker, even if only in glowy imaginary form.

Or is it not imaginary? What is going on? Lilith.. we Supernatural devotees have a weakness for the name.

Sookie, are you still in love with Bill? Enough already.

Not so much Pam in this one, bad bad things we want to do with her more.

We’re not liking the Terry plot-line much at all, which makes for a conundrum since we love Todd Lowe no matter what.

Not sure if too little Sam or too much Luna. Definitely too many fairies.

In sum: cannot be soon enought that i see Dennis O’Hare/Russel Edgington walking around in sunglasses.

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