The Doctor, Pond & Angels

makes sense, pretty interpretation, cute


The shot of Amy fading away in the graveyard is usually thought of as the last ever shot of Amy Pond in Doctor Who canon, but…really, this is the last shot of Amy Pond. Sure, all you can see is her hands, but it tells us quite a lot: look at her nails, for a start! Bright, flamboyant, maybe not entirely appropriate for the era but she’s wearing them anyway. She might have been an old woman at this point, an old woman with neon pink nails. I love that.

I think this is the note I’d rather her story ended on- not her crying and saying goodbye, but something that echoes all the way back to Series 5- Amy the storyteller. “I found you in words”, she said to the Doctor. I think she found herself in words too.

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