‘Best Film’ poster artwork for the BAFTAs

Each year BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) selects one illustrator for the prestigious task of creating imagery for their annual awards evening. This year, we’re delighted to say, they selected Handsome Frank’s very own Jonathan Burton who’s been hard at work on the project since December under the watchful direction of design agency StudioSmall. He then set about creating the covers for the programmes which the guests will receive on the night. There are five variations of the cover, each acting as an alternative film poster for this year’s shortlisted nominations in the ‘Best Film’ category.

JonathanBurton_BAFTA_Argo_LowRes JonathanBurton_BAFTA_LesMis_LowRes JonathanBurton_BAFTA_Lincoln_LowRes JonathanBurton_BAFTA_ZeroDark30_LowRes

MORE @ Jonathan Burton

via:  BadTaste

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