All The Songs In ‘Warm Bodies’

While he’s gone from a stoner coming-of-age tale to a cancer comedy to this weekend’s zombie rom-com “Warm Bodies,” one thing that has marked the the films of Jonathan Levine have been a keen ear on the soundtrack. And that’s not different with this latest effort, which serves up a pretty solid selection of tracks to go with the undead.

Used to highlight both comedic and character moments, the songs in the movie range from John Waite‘s “Missing You” (used as a bit of a running gag), Guns ‘N Roses “Patience” and Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane” for the lighter moments, while serious brooders like Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, The National and Bruce Springsteen perfectly cue up the more emotional beats. Meanwhile, M83 and Delta Spirit keeps things from getting too heavy.

There’s no official soundtrack release, so you can use the below to make your own mixtape. “Warm Bodies” opens in February 1st.

All The Songs In “Warm Bodies”

“Sitting In Limbo” – Jimmy Cliff
“Missing You” – John Waite
“The Bad In Each Other” – Feist
“Be The Song” – Foy Vance
“Patience” – Guns ‘N Roses
“Shell Suite” – Chad Valley
“Hungry Heart” – Bruce Springsteen
“Shelter From The Storm” – Bob Dylan
“Hinnom, TX” – Bon Iver
“Yamaha” – Delta Spirit
“Rock You Like A Hurricane” – Scorpions
“Oh Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison
“Midnight City” – M83
“Runaway” – The National
“Numbers Don’t Lie” – The Mynabirds

complete youtube list to listen to at The Playlist.

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