Watch: ‘Side Effects’ Goes Over The Counter With More Clips


We are just two days away from “Side Effects” being released nationwide with the film getting pretty solid reviews across the board including our own, calling the picture “an engaging sexy little whodunit” in spite of a few flaws here and there. Well, if the film has failed to grab your attention just yet, we have a new clip from the psychological thriller for you to consider. The clip features Dr. Johnathan Banks, played by Jude Law, who is determined to figure out why his life is unraveling before his eyes while his wife (Vinessa Shaw) tries to knock some sense into him.


Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh’s penultimate film “Side Effects” is, for many people, the first film of 2013 that’s worth seeing. Starring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the psychological thriller already unveiled a couple of clips, and now three more have arrived for people to take a gander at before the movie comes out a week from now.

Unlike the other clips, which mostly focused on Mara’s character, Emily, these clips mostly center on Dr. Jonathan Banks, played by Law. Dr. Banks is the psychiatrist who prescribes Ablixa to Emily for her crippling anxiety. In two of the clips, we see Dr. Banks conversing with another doctor (Zeta-Jones) about Emily, and in the third clip, we see the doctor in the middle of seducing his wife (Vinessa Shaw). Overall, the clips do not appear to be spoiler-ridden, but the general consensus regarding the film is that you’ll want to go into the theater as fresh as possible.

Either way, looks like another brainy thriller from the team behind “Contagion,” with Scott Z. Burns penning both movies. “Side Effects” will be released nationwide on February 8th. Check out the clips below.

The Playlist.

Side Effects‘, Rooney Mara Sleepwalks & Just Needs 5 Minutes In New Clips & TV Spot

Side Effects‘ one more dose of Trailer

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