Jack Kirby’s Real Artwork For The Fake ‘Argo’

You know that great scene in “Argo,” the one towards the end in the airport? Oh, spoilers for “Argo” coming up here, by the way. The scene we’re talking about is probably the most tense in a movie positively brimming with tension, where Scoot McNairy’s character comes through at the last minute and shows the airport security guards the artwork from their fake movie, saving the group’s collective bacon in the process. Well here’s a treat for the movie’s fans ahead of a weekend where “Argo” will probably be treated to a Best Picture Oscar itself, because the original artwork for the real fake movie (this is getting confusing, isn’t it) have surfaced.

Apparently before the real Tony Mendez used it as a CIA cover story, the real “Argo” was originally titled “Lord of Light,” and it was only after it was put into turnaround that Mendez found it and retitled it. That original script had been adapted from a Roger Zelazny science-fiction novel of the same name, and while it was in production, legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby drew up some fascinating concept sketches for the movie, which Mendez used in his 1979 mission.

The ten sketches (see all of ’em at Buzzfeed) show locations such as The Royal Chambers of Brahma, the Hostel of Hawkana, the Pavilions of Joy and the Planetary Control Room. And well, holy heck – someone should totally make this movie. It looks like all kinds of camp fun! Maybe someone would have done an attempt to cash in on the back of “Argo” ’s success if it wasn’t for “John Carter.” Even if there are no plans as of yet to bring “Lord of Light” to the big screen, filmmaker Judd Ehrlich is working on a documentary, titled “Science Fiction Land,” to tell the full story. You can check out the film’s Kickstarter page here.

Kudos to the real Tony Mendez though for picking something so utterly bonkers for his cover story though…and a project that from these images alone looks like it would reasonably be looking to shoot in the Middle East. [via IGN]

via The Playlist.

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