47 Ronin, Trailer for honestly weird Keanu Reeves Japan-loving, CGI-packed, action-fight riddled flick

It dooooes feel like a Matrix but in Japan and in another era and with better actors and swords instead of guns. But we have (in the span of seconds really) grown to love Pacific Rim co-pilot co-star Rinko Kikuchi. The lovely Rick Genest is in. Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves, so without further adieu..

The first trailer for “47 Ronin” looks like big and very, very empty. While the concept sounds pretty awesome on paper — 47 warriors, following the forced seppuku (ritual suicide by disembowelment) of their master after assaulting a court official, seek revenge on those who caused his death — the result seems to be a CGI calamity with some, uh, interesting acting from Reeves. We’re not quite sure what we just watched, but it something manages to be both unique yet obscenely dull, presenting yet another world with strange creatures crashing through forests and super dark environments that will be even harder to see in 3D. (Says folks at The Playlist)


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