The Borgias’ François Arnaud Also Rumored For Fifty Shades Of Grey

The day the news came out of Charlie Hunnam dropping out will always be remembered as the day my stats went up and out the roof (even the stats-bot complimented me on the sudden spike, thank you Charlie Hunnam drops out of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’), which is sad, mostly because I have since decided to prostitute my blog to the occasional news about this wretched movies and the belly ache-inducing hyped novels it’s based on.

Haven’t read them, might be tempted to someday – hoping that a day named some never ever comes. I come from The Originals (not the vamps, calm your fangs): having actually read works by such as Le Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and some that made the history of the genre following i don’t feel the slightest bit guilty judging E.L. James’ books by their covers. Was that a pun, technically? Anyway, those two gentlemen I mentioned gave the name to a kind of literature that is not for or from desperate housewives and it should never be: S&M ghetto? Maybe, but trust it’s better this way and I am talking to you too Riri (even if I love your song, go girl!)

What a tirade just to say that given the looks provided in the gone-too-soon The Borgias I might actually this idea of François Arnaud getting the part: he’s Canadian but i never believed for a second the stories about Canadians being too polite and bla bla, they badass and we know it.

In my never humble opinion he’s the best rumored candidate i’ve hear all week, maybe Jamie Dornan aside; Alexander Skarsgard is just too obvious, Theo James and Christian Cooke are in the ‘who are they’ category and The Pattinson never surfaced so..

Image proof he’s good to go:

francois arnaud cesare borgiafrancois arnaud cesare borgia francois arnaud cesare borgia