Benedict Cumberbatch’s Assange Flick Fails Big at the Box Office, Major Case of the Conspiracy or just a bad movie?


Here’s a list of movies that had better opening weekends than Bill Condon’s “The Fifth Estate” while also debuting on more than 1,500 screens: “Machete Kills,” “Battle of the Year,” “Movie 43,” “Paranoia,” “Getaway,” “Dead Man Down” and “The Last Stand,” among many, many others. With just $1.7 million in ticket sales since Friday night, “The Fifth Estate” now owns the ignominious title of worst wide-release opening of 2013.

“We’re disappointed with these results,” Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis told THR in a statement about the opening weekend.

One person who wasn’t unhappy, however, is Assange himself. Before “The Fifth Estate” debuted, Assange told The Hollywood Foreign Press Association that the film was “destined to be a box-office failure,”

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Benedict Cumberbatch knows he has a rabid base of Tumblr-obsessed fans. When asked whether he was worried that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might attack his new drama The Fifth Estate, in which he plays the infamous hacker, Cumberbatch kept his cool: “The Cumberitches have got my back,” he told EW.

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