‘Thor: The Dark World’, 30 New Images From Plus New Clip & Featurette


Thor 2: Everyone Was Asgard Fighting” is just a few short weeks away from hitting theaters like an Asgardian mallet to your marketing senses. It’s already screened for press in the U.K. this week, including our man in the London cubicle, but by Odin’s beard we simply cannot say anything right now about it. What’s it about? Well after restoring the good times to Earth and the Nine Realms, a new ancient race led by Maliketh (Christopher Eccleston) threatens to plunge the universe into a darkness they haven’t seen until the last time some baddies promised to plunge the universe into darkness. This foe is so badass that Thor has to turn to his treacherous broseph Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and form a shaky alliance with him so things don’t go to pot.