The Mentalist Season 6: Red John Killing a ‘More Intimate Act than Even Sex’, Reveals Baker


The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 7 will reveal what happens after the explosion (Photo: TheMentalist/facebook)

Tension is brewing among fans and makers alike as The Red John drama comes closer to a hugely expected dramatic finale.

Episode 6 of The Mentalist narrowed the Red John suspects down to the three candidates with the red dots on their shoulders: FBI Agent Reede Smith, CBI Director Gale Bertram and Sheriff Thomas McAllister. However, before Jane’s investigation could move further, an explosion occurred that again puts a big question mark on the fate of Jane and the Red John suspects.

Fans of the show will agree that there can be nothing more vindictive for Patrick Jane than to kill his nemesis, Red John, and avenge his family’s murder. But will that really happen once the serial killer’s identity is revealed?

According to TV Guide, “Lisbon’s always said, ‘I understand you want to do that, but I am the law.’ Now that issue is not a theoretical one, it’s a real one.” However, Simon Baker spoke with TV Guide Magazine and seems to suggest that Jane might get his way after all.

“It’s almost like a love scene, as perverse as that sounds,” says Baker. “The end of Red John was originally planned to take place at night on the street with people watching, but I pushed to do it in the daylight in a quiet, beautiful place where they could be alone. There is no human act more intimate — not even sex — than killing another human being and watching them die.”

Episode 7, The Great Red Dragon Preview

A lot of revelations are expected in Episode 7, The Great Red Dragon which will air this Sunday (17 November). As per a report in TV Fanatic, here is what viewers will get in this next episode:

    The explosion may cause some casualties and the Red John list is narrowed even more.
    Someone utters the dialogue warning, “This is going to hurt.”
    We will learn more about this secret society that seems to be growing with the number of members.
    Rigsby and Van Pelt get caught in some crossfire.
    If you need a reminder where “Tyger, Tyger” comes from, you’ll get one.
    Rockmond Dunbar arrives as Dennis Abbott – and doesn’t waste any time stirring things up.
    Some key fixtures of the show do not survive the episode.
    A big change happens in the final scene that will make things more difficult for the team moving forward.

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