True Detectives’ Final Words


RUST: It’s just one story, the oldest.

MARTY: What’s that?

RUST: Light versus dark.

MARTY: I know we ain’t in Alaska, but it appears to me that the dark has a lot more territory.

After Rust convinces Marty to haul him out of the hospital, Rust presents a counterargument, offering the final dialogue of the season:

RUST: Y’know, you’re looking at it wrong, the sky thing.

MARTY: How’s that?

RUST:Once, there was only dark. You ask me, the light’s winning.

TD1.8BiYaa32IYAItorc.jpg large

True Detective season one ended last night with our two true detectives bro-ing down. The optimistic ending surprised some fans, but the show’s creator, Nic Pizzolatto, says it was essential — it was where the story started. “This is a story that began with its ending in mind, that Cohle would be articulating, without sentimentality or illusion, an actual kind of optimism,”. “That line, you ask me, the light’s winning, that was one of the key pieces of dialogue that existed at the very beginning of the series’ conception.” 


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