True Detective, Creator Nic Pizzolatto Teases Saga Of Rust & Martin Could Continue In Books

So, is that all for Rust Cohle and Martin Hart? Star-gazing and pondering the eternal battle of light versus dark? Certainly, their story won’t continue on the acclaimed HBO series, as it came to a close last night, with the second season focusing on a whole new set of characters and a case that hints at a grander storyline (read those details here). But there is some hope for those expecting more about Rust and Marty.

Chatting with EW, Pizzolatto confirmed he retains the literary rights to the characters, and teases that he may not be through with them just yet. “…maybe you will see Cohle and Hart novels down the road after Hollywood kicks me out. Always a possibility,” he shared.

Yes, Pizzolatto is a novelist, and broke out with the noir-ish “Galveston” (now being made into a film starring Matthias Schoenaerts), but it also seems like making “Rust & Marty: The Novel” isn’t at the top of his to-do pile. That said, the possibilities of new stories with the pair is potentially interesting, considering there are plenty of lost years in “True Detective” timeline to dive into. That said, there is something pleasing about the finality of this story and these characters across eight episodes.

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