Godzilla, MUTO Leaked Information, Viral

muto-updated godzillasurv8 godzillasurv7 godzillasurv6 godzillasurv5 godzillasurv4 godzillasurv3 godzillasurv1 godzillastillelizabetholsen godzillaelle5 godzillaelle4 godzillaelle3 godzillaelle2 godzilla-aaron

MUTO will be opening up some classified character dossiers giving us some exclusive character information over the next week or two.  Last night saw “the leak” from Monarch Surveillance Archives of the release of documents relating to Ford and Elle Brody (Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen). Keep an eye out for more here: http://mutoresearch.net/.

More Via.

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