I Agree, read on: “4 Reasons X-Men: Days of Future Past Won’t Suck” Reblog

4) Bryan Singer

 4 Reasons X Men: Days of Future Past Won’t Suck

In my opinion, the first two X-Men movies were the first superhero films to actually get it right. So when I heard that Bryan Singer would be returning as director I knew there was a chance this movie could be pretty f**king good. While there were some arguable changes to certain characters (ROGUE!!!!!!), he had a clear passion for the team and understood that more than anything they were a family. If there’s anyone who can put the franchise back on track it’s him. I loved ‘First Class’ but something was missing for me. I’m pretty sure that something was Bryan Singer’s swag. Also – it looks like Mystique has a much better wig this time around which is a major plus.

3) Old School/New School

 4 Reasons X Men: Days of Future Past Won’t Suck

With Bryan Singer returning as director and adapting the Days of Future Past story-line written by Chris Claremont, this means our favorite mutants from the old school will be crossing paths with those from the new. Or is the the new school actually the old school? It’s all very confusing actually but most movies that deal with time travel are. The film will also feature the infamous SENTINELS – and like most of you I watched the 1990’s animated series and this is the closest thing we’ll ever get to that in movie form. That is until…

2) X-Men: Apocalypse

Apocalypse Wallpaper 5 4 Reasons X Men: Days of Future Past Won’t Suck

Although Days of Future Past has yet to be released, Bryan Singer is hard at work on the next film in the franchise –X-men: Apocalypse – which will be set in the 1980’s and focusing on the idea of ancient mutants. There will also be plenty of destruction as it’s been reported that ‘Apocalypse’ will be the “most destructive X-Men film to date” according to Singer.

1) It Can’t Be Worse Than X3

 4 Reasons X Men: Days of Future Past Won’t Suck

Let me preface this by saying I genuinely loved X3 the first time I saw it. This was when life was simple and I lacked the capacity to recognize when a movie was absolutely horrible. Thankfully, things have changed. My eyes are wide open and after revisiting X-Men: The Last Stand I’m convinced that it deserves most of the negative attention it’s received over the years. However, not all was bad. The movie still gave us one of the best X-Men battles seen on film but I have complete faith that ’Days of Future Past’ will right the wrongs of it’s predecessor.

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases on May 23.

None of this is mine, Source Here.

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