‘Leftovers’ Shakes Up Supporting Cast For Season 2 As Series Moves To New Locale


EXCLUSIVE: The Sudden Departure event at the heart of the mythology of 24LEFTOVERSqualleyzylkafreshman HBO drama The Leftovers is spreading to the cast. I have learned that a large portion of the fourteen regular cast members in Season 1 — virtually all in supporting roles —  won’t be returning in Season 2 as the series is undergoing a creative reboot, moving the setting from the fictional town of Mapleton, New York to a new location.

leftovers-hbo-nora-durst-chief-garvey-guestI hear locked in to come back are most of the leads — star Justin Theroux, his onscreen family, estranged wife, played by Amy Brenneman, and children Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka, as well as Carrie Coon, who plays Theroux’s love interest, and Christopher Eccleston, who portrays former reverend Matt Jamison. As Season 2 is still being mapped out, I hear things are still in flux and there Christopher-Eccleston-and-Justin-Theroux-in-The-Leftovers-Season-1-Episode-5is a possibility for a couple of more regulars to come back — I…

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