Luther Mini-Series First Look: Idris Elba Gets Back to Work


It’s been a while since the BBC last graced the world with one of their most popular characters, DCI John Luther. However, the dry-spell is almost over thanks to a new two-episode mini-series of Luther that’s set to debut later in 2015.

The network has unleashed the world’s first look at Idris Elba back in his Luther role, during an upcoming two part mini-series written by the Luther series creator, Neil Cross. The official synopsis for the “event” doesn’t go too far in-depth, with regard to plot details – simply teasing that John will face “his most chilling adversary yet” during the mini-series, with our hero still haunted by his troubling past and now “hell-bent on retribution.”

Luther season 3 remains (arguably) the most divisive of the acclaimed TV show’s run thus far, but that didn’t abate fan anticipation for more adventures with John Luther – even if they won’t come in the form of a prequel movie, as was rumored early on after season 3 concluded. The third season ended on an appropriate note of finality (with the famed detective throwing his coat off a bridge, in a symbolic gesture), so it’s quite a wonder to think about what pulls him back into the game so fiercely.

Whatever that threat is, it (no surprise) puts him back in the line of fire.

More interesting, perhaps, is the fact that we’re getting a new Luther story after creator Neil Cross worked so hard to bring the show to American television on Fox. Ultimately, what killed the series (or put it on “indefinite hold” if you ask anyone at the network) was the fact that the team was unable to find an actor suitable enough to fill Elba’s shoes.

Cross took neither race nor gender into account when he conceived the Luther character, according to interviews that he’s done since season 3 concluded; all he cared about was that whoever played the role had the right “vibe” for the character. Once Elba got the job, the character was dubbed black and male, so when Fox started casting the remake, they made no attempt to find someone with the right “vibe” who didn’t fit that description (a mentality aided by the success of Empire). Whether or not this was worth losing the American remake of the series over, that’ll probably always be up for debate.

For now, we can just be happy that the real Luther is back where he belongs: in London fighting bad guys, one psychological thriller at a time.


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