Batman v Superman more images from Empire #WhoWillWin

Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-Newspaper BatmanvSupermanEmpire11PnmsWR7 BatmanvSupermanEmpire04AMeD5yq BatmanvSupermanEmpire02bjJSUpg BatmanvSupermanEmpire01EDTNj3i BatmanvSupermanEmpire 14BatmanvSupermanEmpireNTNXicR 13BatmanvSupermanEmpire2iHid9V 08R3BatmanvSupermanEmpire5UpoB 06Q5BatmanvSupermanEmpireA2P8o 05oekBatmanvSupermanEmpireryMD 0BatmanvSupermanEmpire9Q9Xgrqr 0BatmanvSupermanEmpire7au2Lz9E 0BatmanvSupermanEmpire3lKgzIAZ


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