‘Revenant,’ ‘Mad Max,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ win Art Directors Guild Awards


Period Film
“The Revenant” (Production Designer: Jack Fisk)

Fantasy Film
“Mad Max: Fury Road” (Production Designer: Colin Gibson)

Contemporary Film
“The Martian” (Production Designer: Arthur Max)


One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Series
“Game of Thrones” – “High Sparrow,” “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” “Hardhome” (Production Designer: Deborah Riley)

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series
“House of Cards” – “Chapter 29,” “Chapter 36” (Production Designer: Steve Arnold)

Television Movie or Limited Series
“American Horror Story: Hotel” – “Checking in” (Production Designer: Mark Worthington)

Half Hour Single-Camera Series
“The Muppets” – “The Ex-Factor,” “Pig’s in a Blanket” (Production Designer: Denise Pizzini)

Multi-Camera Series
“The Big Bang Theory” – “The Skywalker Incursion,” “The Mystery Date Observation,” “The Platonic Permutation” (Production Designer: John Shaffner)

Awards or Event Special
“The Oscars: 2015” (Production Designer: Derek Mclane)

Short Format: Web Series, Music Video or Commercial
Apple Music: “The History of Sound” (Production Designer: Jess Gonchor)

Variety, Reality or Competition Series
“Key & Peele” – “Ya’ll Ready for This?” / “The End” (Production Designer: Gary Kordan)

Source: Variety

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