Check Into ‘The Shining’ Documentary ‘Room 237’ On March 29th

Premiering last year at the Sundance Film Festival, and making its way around the world with stops in Cannes, Moscow, Locarno, Deauville, Austin and more, the obsessive documentary “Room 237” finally has an official North American release date. So put your “Apollo 11” sweater on and get your calendar ready.

IFC Films will release the documentary, which explores all the various conspiracy theories associated with Stanley Kubrick’s landmark horror classic “The Shining,” this spring. Directed by Rodney Ascher, the movie is a marvelous examination of various theories — from the plausible to the outrageous — that have been attached to the movie throughout the years. The premise may sound corny, but the picture is a riveting watch, and ultimately, it’s less about what “The Shining” means than the passion and attention the picture continues to generate to this day.

“Unique and at times profound, it’s a reminder of how much Kubrick left for us to appreciate in his work, and how the greatest films always leave something more to be discovered with each viewing,” we wrote in our review.

Though we’re sure that the film will see a limited theatrical release, it’s still unclear whether the documentary will also hit VOD the same way recent IFC releases have. Either way, you may want to set aside an evening and watch Kubrick’s film alongside Ascher’s fascinating exploration of the various interpretations that have arisen over the years. Book a stay at “Room 237” on March 29th. And in case you missed it, the lost ending to “The Shining” has been revealed. [STYD]

via | The Playlist.

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