Briefs: Cloud Atlas, or as i like to call it, Tom Hanks caffeinated

Because I see no other reason (besides drugs and other illegal stimulants) why an actor of his caliber would perform in such a caricatured manner, when everybody else around him looked relatively normal.

Setting his particular brand of performances in the different times and universes aside, the ‘love it or hate it’ Wachowski’s return to directing in style after the Matrix trilogy (who remembers Speed Racer?) isn’t bad.. but not Good with capital G either.

To be honest i’m still confused and undecided about where to stand of the love/hate thingy. For sure one, as in no one can deny it, Ben Whishaw, Doona Bae, Jim Sturgess and Jim Broadbent are fantastic in time-space bending ways and make the three hours completely worth watching.

Funny and very very sad, realistic to the bone in spite of the Dickensian (darwinian?) tone of the story and the characters.

Best tidbit (spoiler-ish):

the reference to Soylent Green is completely unexpected coming from the mouth of Broadbent’s Cavendish, yet fully understandable and exceptionally well placed.

An even more spoilery consideration:

Soylent Green is people! On a deeper note:  the “greens” here are engineered humans grown rather than born, but that the Goddess keeps repeating ‘from womb to grave’ to spread the message that we are all equal and connected is close to perfection.


One more thing: way way too many prosthetic noses around this flick, way to many!

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