Yoga To The People- Breathing, Dripping, Reaching, Transforming

Yoga to the People

You’re in a room surrounded by 45 other sweaty people- breathing, dripping, reaching, transforming.

You have just shifted into chair pose and your legs are shaking, but you’re told to hold it for several more breaths.

The instructor is calm and encouraging and you’re just praying that she’ll open a window because you are sure everyone is stealing your oxygen. But lack of oxygen aside, your mind is focused. That bead of sweat dripping down your back is both cooling and the signifier that your body is really working. 

Several more vinyasa flows and you’re finally in pigeon pose, surrendering to the earth. The instructor finally opens the window. The breeze hits you and it is beyond delicious and you are suddenly content.

These are just a few of the feelings that can arise when you take a class at Yoga to the People. This donation based organization has studios in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Berkley. They are dedicated to  providing you with an individual yoga experience while in a group setting. There are no mirrors which serves as a reminder to leave competition and judgement (even of yourself) at the door. Every class is slightly different and I’ve rarely had the same instructor twice. The teachers each have their own unique playlists which also adds to the experience.

Your class will end with the ringing of the Tibetan Singing Bowl. M once described the sound as “being abducted by aliens” and now she loves it. It’s ability to reset your mind after hearing it is like no other meditation tool out there.

I will leave you with their inspirational mantra and encourage you to check out a class because “This power is for everyone”.

xo N


Thank you Sister Sister NYC

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