Alien wars will continue for a 5th and final season as TNT renewes Falling Skies


The network has oredered a 10-episode season to end the human struggle against the Espheni. What with this year’s season lagging and a bit lacking continuity sense i thought it might be on the bubble, but Noah Wyle still has some charm left in him as the other cast memebers were subject to so many mood changes. Hopefully, as it usually is for final season, next year everyone’s going to be in his or her rightful place (take mellow Pope and give us back the fiend, col. Weaver needs a haircut).

Meanwhile we’ll see what Lexi brings to the season finale this sunday.

Also on TNT renewals: McSteamy (Eric Dane) and his ship will return for a sophomore 13-episode season and beloved Major Crimes officially has the go-ahead to keep solving them major crimes for another 15 eps.

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