First Look: Olivia Wilde brings the dead to life in ‘The Lazarus Effect’


The Lazarus Effect is about a group of medical students who experiment bringing dead matter back to life. Spoiler alert: One of the characters dies, of course, and they try the technique on her. “And it works. She comes back to life, but she comes back to life as not the woman that she was when she died.” Creepy.

If the plot sounds familiar to you, then you’ve probably seen Flatliners (1990), starring Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, and Kiefer Sutherland. “All of us really liked that movie,” Blum says. “I feel like we’re tipping our hat to Flatliners, for sure, in this movie.”

So if The Lazarus Effect enjoys as much success as some of Blum’s other films, can we expect to see a sequel in the future? “If it works, and if people feel the same way about the movie that I do,” he says, “then I would love to make another one.”

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